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Business owners-residential estate, Corporate estates will pay heavily for your older infrastructured

Not modernizing your infrastructure may be costing you more than you think primarily because of the following

Increased down time

Increased vulnerability

Increased energy+Maintenance cost

All these are why you will pay more

IFMSL will help you to accelerate your building improvement for better performance adding following values

Better energy efficiency

Cutting edge security

Maintained building effectiveness and efficiency

Improvement in building accessibility, availability and reliability

IFSML-different from others

We manage variables that builds good team who are to work together through shared mind to achieve the following

Becoming more diverse and dynamic

Working in unity with accurate information

IFMSL core Values

  1. Real team-promoting interdependences among team members with clear boundaries
  2. Compelling direction -We have clearly define purpose that is challenging band consequencial
  3. Enabling structure -We have enabled configuration for our team members
  4. Competence coaching- providing mentoring to overcome barrier and challenge for  our team
  5. Sharemind-We focus on similarities and connectedness


  • Inspection and facilities audit
  • Capital project management
  • Preventive&Corrective maintenance
  • Energy management -utilities,cost -optimization, -alternatives Source
  • Building systems automation
  • Building support services       

Will you rather deal with us

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