About Us

Inspection & Facility-management services Nigeria Limited was incorporated in August 2008 as a limited liability company to provide the much needed specialized Project Management and Engineering skills in the Telecommunication, Petroleum, Chemical, Construction and other services industries in Nigeria.

In order to meet up with the needs and objectives of our clients and update our operational techniques, we always put in place the right quality of manpower (Local and Expatriates) while using best practice Project Management methodologies to deliver efficient and effective projects.

 Our combined experience of over 40 years in the areas of managing and delivering both small and large scale projects is our major advantage compared with peers in the industry. The results are achieved by a combination of well trained personnel, high standard research, and safety and quality assurance facilities, adequate equipment and by use of very advanced techniques and methodologies. We firmly believe in a healthy and safe working environment for smooth operations in carrying out clients’ project.

Vision Statement

Electrical Engineering

To become the leading integrated facilities management partner-in-Nigeria.

Mission Statement

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To provide sustainable solutions in Building infrastructure and-resource-management-through -Integrated-Waste-Management -Renewable-Energy -Public-Cleansing -Environmental-Protection -Environmental-Consulting -Facilities-integrated-management-services -Education Awareness-(Internal/External) -Sustainable-Development



IFMSL is driven by the vision   to develop Building infrastructure. in Nigeria

The organization sets ambitious targets and motivates team members to achieve them, in addition to encouraging them to excel and perform to the best of their abilities.

IFMSL also drives the community, to adopt an environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, through awareness-and-education-initiatives.


IFMSL is constantly inspired to lead communities, towards a better future, through innovative approaches. The organization aims to inspire and educate posterity, about sharing environmental responsibility, while also seeking to inspire personnel to become advocates-for-environmental-change.


As a guardian of the city and the communities it serves, IFMSL  is entrusted with the responsibility of providing a sustainable future for generations to come. The organization also trusts in the potential of its people, to make a positive change for the future. It is such trust that fosters the belief that, communities will support the goal of a more sustainable future, and will utilize the infrastructure put in place, to its full potential.

Goals and objectives


Inspection & Facility management Services Nigeria Limited was setup with the aim of providing and delivering top quality projects to clients across various industries. Services provided include outsource project management and assurance, site built integrated system, Turnkey facility maintenance at uniquely selected level with emphasis on quality, reliability and time and cost efficiency. Other activities include cleaning (Domestic and industrial), Project Management training, consulting and advisory services.

INSPECTION& FACILITY MGT SERVICES is a leading provider of professional services to the energy resources and other important process industries. We are a dynamic blue chip Company whose success has resulted from outstanding project delivery for customers-nation-wide. In doing so we work through all five phases of assets life-cycle.







We provide full engineering service including construction, support, operation and maintenance support,

We offer a long term support contract either as preferred supplier or integrated service contracts.

This option enable us to customize it’s services offering to optimize the outcomes for clients.

Our internal process allows our clients to a achieve the following:

  • Focus in their core competencies
  • Establish a close working relationship resulting in more efficient deliverable
  • Encourage sharing of risks and reward, We cover specific and discrete set of services such as maintenance and also extensive scope which includes design ,project service ,maintenance upgrade as well as reliability and integrity management.
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