Inspection & Facility Management Service Limited---Out-Sourcing Strategy

The basic meaning and desire of any robust maintenance strategies is to take care of assets for intensive industry by so doing increasing the availability and productivity. This is carried out by managing equipments, building infrastructure in Construction and other related fields. Asset tracking is a serious issue in any outsourcing decision.

The main thrust of this strategy is to extend life expectancy of equipments and increase their efficiency.

The objectives of this strategy will include but not limited to the following:

  • Effective tracking of equipments
  • System driven planning of Maintenance -Schedules
  • Monitoring of equipment performance and replacement handling
  • Integration of equipment maintenance, fixed assets, and building projects

Organisation And Management Strategies

  • Conduct courses for technician and other staff
  • Maintain a lean but robust organisation structure
  • Utilize best practise policies and procedures for client’s operations
  • Hire competent and experienced staff specialist in their chosen fields with adequate soft skills
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