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Introducing Inspection & Facilities Management Services

INSPECTION AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous firm of professional Facility managers and expert  operating through  strategic business units.

The company is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)  to practice comprehensive Facilities Management throughout the Federation of Nigeria.

The firm has retained the services of competent professionals with wealth of experience in facilities management.


IFMSL offers holistic Integrated facilities management solutions customized to your unique requirements. Our expertise in asset management and engineering positions us to implement proven business processes guaranteed to balance the performance, costs and risks of your physical assets.

This translates to improved employee safety and a reduction in maintenance expenses. We also ensure that your CapEX and OpEX budgets are spent wisely, by balancing the impact of maintenance expenses against the total lifecycle costs of your assets.

Our People and expertise

By combining traditional facilities management with engineering expertise, our multi-skilled team is geared to elevate your existing facilities management practices. We are supported by Level Three service providers from our preferred supplier database, selected against our strict criteria. This makes for a cohesive, well-trained team.

Smart people

The future success of your organization rests in the hands of a new generation of employees. To help you achieve your future vision, we can empower your workforce through a variety of fit for purpose mechanisms. These include training through a blended learning approach to build their knowledge and skills, and the use of technology to support them with relevant, real-time information..

The result?  A team of “smart people” who make informed decisions and execute their tasks efficiently.

Our Business processes and best practices

Our work is guided by proven work planning and control processes as well as strict service level agreements that comply with the latest occupational health and safety standards.

Our Tools and technology

IFMSL’s enterprise asset management system, gives our clients a software platform aligned with our business processes and allows the collection of credible data to support decision making and focused improvement projects. We can also implement or reconfigure your preferred CMMS to function optimally.

Smart operations

Smart operations allow your business to achieve operational excellence and continuous improvement without losing client focus. Allow IFMSL to take care of your asset management so that you can concentrate on your core activities. We’ll help you balance the performance, costs and risks associated with your physical assets by developing a clear asset management policy and strategy. Lean maintenance, a paperless work environment, in-time dashboards and analytics, an engaged and competent workforce, proactive risk management and a culture of continuous improvement are just some of the outcomes

Our Services

IFMSL’s   EAM system provides the ideal platform to manage assets, plan and schedule work and report on asset performance. The functionality we offer  represents our years of experience in asset care and maintenance management and includes elements of work planning and scheduling asset data management, mobility, analytics and reporting.

We can help you take care of your assets, ensuring they provide the support needed for you to do business.

Condition monitoring services

Condition monitoring identifies hidden defects in equipment to improve the reliability of critical assets. It also helps uncover the causes of failure and guides the most effective corrective action.

We use diagnostic and prognostic assessments to create a reliability risk map of your mechanical and electrical plant, and use this as a foundation for a future-focused asset management strategy. The latest condition monitoring technology makes it possible to establish a baseline ‘normal’ standard of operation for all equipment by measurement and analysis of defined parameters. Component failure is often preceded by changes in these parameters, so keeping track of them helps you decide on the best course of action, whether that’s immediate maintenance or run-to-failure. Once you’ve addressed the issue, a further condition assessment is essential to ensure that the repair has been effective.

Asset Management Improvement Planning | AMIP

We’ll help you manage all aspects of your asset lifecycle, from asset identification, verification and condition assessments to risk analysis and evaluation; from spare parts administration to inventory optimisation, from condition monitoring to condition-based maintenance programmes.

Energy management services

We’ll further assist with smart energy management and can also guide the planning and management of shutdowns. Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most out of your assets, so that you can do more with your resources while driving down costs.

Energy management

Asset life cycle management, including optimization of asset replacement planning and budgeting

Implementation of condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance program.

Latest Blog Posts

Executive summary Introduction

Inspection & Facility-management services Nigeria Limited was incorporated in August 2008 as a limited liability company to provide the much needed specialized Project Management and Engineering skills in the Telecommunication, Petroleum, Chemical, Construction and other services industries in Nigeria.

In order to meet up with the needs and objectives of our clients and update our operational techniques, we always put in place the right quality of manpower (Local and Expatriates) while using best practice Project Management methodologies to deliver efficient and effective projects.

 Our combined experience of over 40 years in the areas of managing and delivering both small and large scale projects is our major advantage compared with peers in the industry. The results are achieved by a combination of well trained personnel, high standard research, and safety and quality assurance facilities, adequate equipment and by use of very advanced techniques and methodologies. We firmly believe in a healthy and safe working environment for smooth operations in carrying out clients’ project.

Global Facilities Management Services -Market

Facility Management Market worth $94.8 billion by 2028

According to a research report “Facility Management Market Offering (Solutions (IWMS, BIM, Facility Operations & Security Management) and Services), Vertical (BFSI, Retail, Construction & Real Estate, ,

The facility management market is estimated at USD 49.6 billion in 2023 to USD 94.8 billion by 2028, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.8%.

IFMSL Founder and CEO

IFMSL Founder and CEO creating a one-stop shop solution for specialised FM services

it was not an easy journey as he had to resort to doing odd jobs.

recognising the need for specialised cleaning services in the facilities management industry

evolving with an idea of providing value addition to our existing customers, and evaluating their needs for specialised services. IFMSL went ahead to cater to all types of specialised services, at times very specific needs [of clients].


ifmslnig2064: Responsible for providing strategic leadership to the organisation and advancing the operations of the company by effectively interpreting, analysing, recommending, and implementing operational procedures and policies to support the business.

▪ Business Advisory: Support the delivery of the organisation’s strategic objectives, through the provision of expert advisory services to key internal stakeholders (i.e., Board of Directors, Executive Management and Department Heads) on leveraging on business technology to drive the achievement of business outcomes.

Innovative circular economy organization

IFMSL is innovative circular economy oriented organization is proactively aligning their roles with the goals of COP28. As a facilities management firm taking centre stage by embracing eco-conscious practices and solutions. By intertwining its operations with the climate-conscious agenda of COP28,

IFMSL is poised to drive meaningful change while demonstrating the power of sustainability in action.

In alignment with IFMSL responsibility to develop solutions and regulations to combat climate change, enhance air quality, and safeguard the

What We Do

Inspection & Management Services Limited

 We provide engineering and project management services ‘integrated’ comprising maintenance, construction, and modification, thus removing significant inefficiencies on cost and risk in projects.

Bilateral Agreement

We update and upgrade our procedures and practices through the aid of our consultants who are manufacturers and importers of most of the chemical and state of the art equipment.

Cleaning Services

We are involved in the business of industrial and domestic cleaning, with the vision to be the market leader while maintaining high standard of hygiene. We parade an array of professionals who have undergone training locally and internationally.

Engineering & Project Management

Project Design and Construction, Procurement, Technology Development, Electrical  Engineering, Civil Engineering, Well site preparation for drilling, Road construction

Sims- Operation

  • Site Integrated Management Services
  • Turnkey Maintenance Services

The basic meaning and desire of any robust maintenance strategies is to take care of assets for intensive industry by so doing increasing the availability and productivity.

IFMSL-the facility source

IFMSL-Facility-Source offers companies with large, dispersed real estate portfolios an innovative, high quality alternative to traditional facility support solutions. 

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