Digital infrastructure management

Global Data Center Survey 2021 reported that when an outage occurred at their data center,

47% of the operators who responded thought it was preventable, and a large proportion confirmed that human error was to blame.

You need to enhance your skillset and knowledge, to proves to your organization your commitment to increasing resiliency and preventing human error related outages in the future.

 Builds, improve your knowledge to operate a world-class data center, or are keen to broaden your experience regarding the general management and support of the data center team, we have a course for you.

IFMSL Education has courses to suit everyone on your Digital Infrastructure team. , allowing you to join any that suits your work and personal learn operational best practices, that is  designed to impart a broad understanding of data center requirements for both the data center management team and their support team built specifically for design & engineering professionals,

to examine the practical  context of real-life designs including common issues and misconceptions.


Designed for facility and operations managers, this course will impart an understanding of the concepts needed to develop and maintain a comprehensive management and operations program for a critical facility.

IF you desire to operate at niche level,Please cal Kenny 08032002585

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