IFMSL Founder and CEO

IFMSL  Founder and CEO  creating a one-stop shop solution for specialised FM services

it was not an easy journey as he had to resort to doing odd jobs.

 recognising the need for specialised cleaning services in the facilities management industry

evolving  with an idea of providing value addition to our existing customers, and evaluating their needs for specialised services. IFMSL went ahead to cater to all types of specialised services, at times very specific needs [of clients].

We never decline any customers or community;

We have the resources to customise anything and everything.”

IFMSL now boasts a plethora of services that stem back to the original days , each service complementing the other, culminating in an eco-system of services whereby a client can call one service provider to take care of every need, without the headache of [dealing with] multiple entities.

IFMSL has a robust scheduling process for every job that is entrusted to it, and it makes sure these are addressed in a timely manner keeping in mind its customer’s needs.

The firm has industrial work experience of  latest automated HVAC equipment for addressing all needs from service, maintenance, and repair; duct  surveying cleaning equipment; tank cleaning equipment and machinery (water, sewer, storm and oil); kitchen exhaust systems comprising ecology units, exhaust fans, and diving services and drain underwater repairs equipment and technology; among others.

The service list is comprehensive; however, as  “it is an ever growing list”.

IFMSL offers complete solutions in the kitchen extraction service line. From hood cleaning, to full supply and installation of the system in its entirety. The company have the full service, right from manufacturing to servicing and cleaning. Initially, the company had to rely on certain third parties for kitchen exhaust systems for which the costs had to be passed on to clients. Now, however, with the introduction of manufacturing, ecology units, capture jet, kitchen hood, exhaust fan, ESP supply capabilities, and in-house expertise, the savings can be passed on to respective clients.

“Now IFMSL truly offers end-to-end services with the introduction of our kitchen exhaust system capability,” . “As part of our structuring, the inclusion of such complete services allows us to be technically proficient, as well as be highly competitive.”

Talking about the challenges that the firm typically encounters when providing specialised cleaning services for facilities,  that the “major challenge is time”.

Majority of clients want jobs to be carried out with no or minimal downtime. Additionally, working in challenging high temperatures, restricted spaces, and hazardous situations having to maintain high safety measures to ensure our workforce and the environment are both taken care of before we undertake any jobs, especially high-risk jobs, makes things difficult to a great extent. To address this vital factor, we have round the clock operations 24 x 7, which makes sure processes, procedures and team management are optimally utilised. Manpower and machinery are well monitored and because of that we can provide optimised service to the client with minimal downtime.

In an ever challenging and changing market, it has been essential to react, diagnose, execute and report to clients as a matter of urgency. Joh

In an emergency situation, one thing you can never be is slow to action.” Action is another key element to our tenacious character.

“Kenny Odugbemi  CEO IFMSL is a man of action push each member of my organisation to have the same drive and passion.”

Providing an overview of the current landscape of the specialised cleaning market in the Nigeria facilities management sector, “With the emphasis more on human well-being, especially after the pandemic, the awareness has been growing and governments and citizens the world over are increasingly recognising the importance and benefits for periodic health and hygiene measures, and wanting a more sustainable approach towards improving the environment; this has evolved tremendously. Here, in the Nigeria, the emphasis for making Lagos the best city to live in the Nigeria is only emboldens the facilities management and cleaning services market to a great extent. This will only keep evolving into a bigger sector as we move forward with so much of initiatives that are being planned towards better well-being. With more awareness towards a better well-being for society and community, the demand is only growing. Every industry will have a specific need for facilities management and specialised cleaning.”

The facilities or industries in Nigeria that typically require specialised cleaning services are hospitality industry, healthcare service providers, manufacturing services, especially FMCG, the food service industry, shopping malls, and government facilities. IFMSL one-stop shop includes cleaning and maintenance of grease traps, water tanks, kitchen exhausts, A/C ducts, pest control, sewage tank cleaning, and unblocking of drainage lines.

Talking about the innovative technologies or practices the firm has adopted to stay ahead in this competitive landscape, Kenny Odugbemi says: “We are abreast of the latest technology trends and methodology available. We acquire these and implement the same strategies across our operations.

“We provide constant and regular trainings to the team. We discuss and review challenging situations and share the resolution with the workforce. This gives them a better preparedness and understanding of how to address similar challenges if ever encountered.”

CEO IFMSL says that the facilities management business is diverse and vast. It has been evolving greatly due to more awareness towards wellness, well-being and climate change.

It has and will always be our endeavour to keep thriving, to believe ‘nothing is impossible’ and to always be number one. To be able to provide the best customer services and experience in the facilities management and specialised service industry. Because of this professional approach along with our visionary goal, IFMSL has received several accolades and awards. Our goal in the future is to continue to keep on transformative and innovative approach that is relevant to our ecosystem.

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